Testing of the road traffic safety

The Government Testing Laboratory of Machines J.S.C. provides testing and measurement needful to verify road safety of transport and special vehicles:

  • Measurement of primary dimensions;
  • Measurement of weights and their distributions on axles;
  • Measurement of external track circle diameters and turning circle diameters;
  • Test of static pressure of vehicle tyres onto road;
  • Measurement of braking effects;
  • Measurement of pressure rise time and the volumes of air tanks for two-line braking system of towed vehicles;
  • Vehicle steering test;
  • Vehicle lighting installation test;
  • Measurement of noise;
  • Audible warning device;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility - electromagnetic interference;
  • Measurement of a maximum vehicle speed;
  • Dimensions of the cab and seats;
  • Test of the field of view from the driver's seat;
  • Test of actuator forces and their distribution;
  • Coupling device for agricultural and forestry tractors;
  • Rear protective device against underrun for towed vehicles.

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