Noise & Vibration tests

One of duties of manufacturers and distributors is to introduce only the safe products into the Czech and EU market. In accordance with the Directive 2006/42/EC (the Czech Government Provision No. 176/2008 Coll.) the producer or distributor, among other things, shall inform the user about the level of noise and vibration emitted by machinery, in instructions for use.

To document the compliance of the requirements of the Directive 2000/14/EC (the Czech Government Provision No. 9/2002 Coll.) in terms of noise emission of the machinery used outdoor is another duty of manufacturers and distributors.

The Government Testing Laboratory of Machines J.S.C. provides:

  • Measurement of noise emitted by machinery at the workplace;
  • Measurement of sound power level of machinery;
  • Measurement of audible warning device of machinery;
  • Measurement of vibrations emitted by machinery at the workplace;
  • Measurement of airborne noise emitted by a household appliance.

These measurements enclude also the area of the hygienic measurement of noise and vibration to verify the compliance with the requirements mentioned in the Czech Government Provision No. 272/2011 Coll.:

  • In the working environment for job categorization according to the Czech Ministry of Health Decree No. 432/2003 Coll.;
  • In the not working environment – In buildings intended for living, in buildings of civic facilities and outdoor area for the purpose of assessing their impact on human health.

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